Sod (Turf) Grass Installation - Greenwave
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Sod (Turf) Grass Installation

Rolling Out the Green Carpet for Your Home

The installation of sod or grass seed to create a green, lush, eye-catching lawn is a Greenwave signature service. Nothing else can match the elegance that a properly installed lawn gives your property visually.

When your Greenwave property manager recommends a sod installation, we visit the North Fork and source the finest sod on the east end of Long Island. If the recommendation is to provide you with a seeded lawn, either through total rehab or to repair some damaged turf, we select the proper seed blend to match your property’s conditions. Your property might require a variation of seed type due to changes in the soil or exposure to sun or shade, these are the nuances that our staff will observe before making the recommendation to seed or to use sod.

The final product that we will produce for you will give you the urge to take off your shoes and enjoy your new lawn, feeling the morning dew or running with your children, walking your dog, or just strolling around. Turf gives you back so much.

At Greenwave we pride ourselves in knowing that the final product of a new lawn will enhance your property, complementing every other element of your landscape and home. Trust Greenwave to provide you with the best turf recommendations and for the ongoing care of your lawn.