Irrigation System Installation - Greenwave
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Irrigation System Installation

Bringing Life to Your Landscape, Drop by Drop

Our Irrigation Services and Installation Teams are committed to precision. Drawing upon our team’s extensive expertise, we meticulously evaluate every facet of your property, delving into details like soil composition and vegetation layout intricacies. This comprehensive analysis serves as the foundation for a tailored irrigation blueprint which prioritizes water distribution efficiency and the sustained vitality of plant life.

Irrigation systems are not one size fits all for Greenwave clients. Turf, garden areas, shrub beds and trees all have different water requirements. When we design your irrigation system, we make our recommendations based on the plant material we are irrigating.

Greenwave irrigation systems are tested during the spring activation process and adjusted to insure complete watering accuracy. If repairs are needed, we replace or repair them after contacting the client. During any part of the growing season we are prepared to add zones for new planting or lawn expansion.

Throughout the installation process, we hand select premium-grade materials, which adhere to industry standards. Each installation phase, from laying the groundwork to carefully assembling components, reflects our unwavering dedication to precision.

Greenwave Atlantic’s commitment extends well beyond installation completion. Our team’s goal is to ensure fine-tuning and calibration through meticulously examining every nozzle, valve, and controller to guarantee optimal efficiency. Our commitment involves continual support and guidance, empowering clients with the knowledge necessary for informed decisions about maintenance and optimal Irrigation System usage.