Give your property the attention it deserves

Many of our clients utilize the full capacity of Greenwave by having our staff manage all your outdoor needs. Doing a yearly comprehensive plan for your property eliminates the need to hire multiple vendors, process multiple invoices, make numerous calls for information and gives the homeowner more time to enjoy their home and grounds.

Manicure Your Pristine Gardens Like Clockwork

The Mission

Property management plans are never cookie cutter, we meet with the client, discuss your needs, and develop a management plan that is tailored to what you want and what’s right for your outdoor living space. Plans can be revised along the way as your needs expand or shrink, the idea is to simplify your life by managing your outside spaces.

When your needs are outside our expansive service offerings, we can offer skilled professionals who we have worked with at Greenwave and can do that specialty work that’s so hard to find in the Hamptons. We network with companies who install driveways, clean windows, service pools or provide extermination services. These are just an example of the depth of long term relationships we have with tried and true companies that we endorse.

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Additional Services

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